Tuesday, October 18, 2011


Meanings, words, feelings
None of them make sense
Am i really so naive? --Foolish to hope in secrecy
Was i the rock that struck your waters? --yes and filled me with affliction
How was i to know my impact?
And now we're just "friends."

Friends, to be friends is not really friendly.
In this day in age, it's an acceptance 
A text here or there
A "How was your day?" and "Hope all is well"
It's surface courtesy
No deeper interpretations.

I want to be friend-friends
Share real love and affection.
I miss the companionship, the phone conversations.
Texts are mire after thoughts
And though you may be busy, there used to be time for me.

If there was a button to time, i'd hit re-do
I'd pace my steps
Research the true you

You must forgive me, I've always been greedy
I knew real love once, unconditionally given by my father.
And so i expect too much
I'll accept nothing less of stars and planets.

I've made mistakes, but i continue learning.
My intentions are good, but fall short of glory.
Don't count me out yet.

Sunday, October 16, 2011


Bitter like the coffee I drink
Sugarless and dark
Oh so glad for your new found happiness
Are you filled with butterflies? -- Such blissful anticipation.
I remember the feeling.
My heart skipped a beat.
Beautiful yellow flowers, you did declare your admiration.
Oh, a helpless romantic? -- You lied.
Words are just words, if not put into action.
What we had was a facade only surface attraction.
Once I fluttered in search of more
But found nothing but obstacles, sticky as a web that traps hopes of love
I tried to break free, but found my way back and trapped once again
The spider did attack.
Luckily for me, I am built strong.  This does hurt me now
But the feeling won’t last long.
Yes, I am bitter like my coffee
But that’s nothing a little cream can’t fix.

Monday, October 3, 2011


Night love.
You will conquer all.
Now rest your eyes.

Nos volveremos a ver
en mis sueños.
Dichosa sere cuando te tenga
enfrente denuevo.
Duermete mi vida.
Muy pronto estaremos juntos.

Ah, Le Boos

Excitement fills the air.
A glimmer of hope still lies.
Perhaps it is love after all
Maybe not.
But the possibility still kicks!
Yes, years blink by...
Just make it welcoming.
Pieces will fall together
Your puzzle is near completion.
Smile, love.

*This one's for NYC and Spain. May your love continue to flourish. <3

Sunday, October 2, 2011

The evening sail

June 6, 2011

Stay still let the wind sing.  
Invoke the senses.  
My body floats away...

Drip drip.
Such humid air.

Kreek kreek eep…
The crickets,
 The crickets

Light the candle.
Make a wish .
The air is feeling lucky.

Madre mia

Mi Cuba.
Usted que no conozco.
La que nunca olvido papá. 
Sagrada tierra de mis abuelos.
Usted que se merece respeto incondicional.  
Un día nos veremos
No sere pura Guajira
Pero orgullo Cubano nada por mis venas
Y las costumbres escandalosas y raras
No me lo quita nadie

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Violeta brillante: Flores mienten

La vida es una maravilla
No te quedes allí sentado.

Busca tu camino
Que el tiempo corre como los caballos.

Levanta tu corazón  destrozado
Que siempre hay pegamento.

Toma tu rompecabezas un día a la vez
Y recuerda que el afortunado te completara 
Pedazo a pedazo.
Sin falta.

Vive, llora, ama de verdad
o aguanta por eternidad.