Thursday, October 3, 2013

Estoy cansada de perder

10/3/13 Corre, corre, corre y sin llegar al fin. Corre, corre, corre; nunca paso al fin. Ni siquiera soñar se puede, total que nunca llegaré. Corre, corre, corre y me pregunto ¿para qué? No es que me faltan las ganas, si no que no puedo pelear. Ya ves, el tiempo me odia. Ni los segundos se acercan a mí. Corriendo, cayendo estaré hasta el fin. Qué dolor, el tiempo no me basta.

Friday, February 15, 2013

Moon watcher

It's smiling at me. Why are you laughing moon? Does my life amuse you? Have I finally pleased the gods, or is my life in peril? What tempts your lips to part? Your teeth blinding white. What do you see up there? Hiding beyond the clouds, winking at me. Yes, you'll follow me home; dark-sky-watcher. I'll tilt my head up and smile right back. Until we meet again, old man.

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

There is no truth better than your woman's

How dare you control my emotions? Micromanage your own functionaries. I am a creature of the wild. My emotions can't be contained by norms and regularities. I say what I feel and feel what I say. Stop limiting yourself. Call me out on my discretions. Indulge my madness. Participate beyond the sidelines. Become my equal. Live as I live. Love me despite my transgressions, but look pass to my intentions. I love you. But, I can't live with your indifference. Show me your spine. Caress my childlike tensions. Love me not only because you do, but because you're my protector. Let me have my way. Trust me, our happiness is parallel.

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Weeping hours

Restless winds against my window. Tip taps of eager water. Friendly trains meet with harmonizing whistles. Yet my room is still. Sleep calls to me but I refuse to listen. Elements are cold and wet tonight. Cars ignore warning winds, howling. Swaying trees evoke it's dance. A storm is coming. Wary eyes weigh waiting, yet sound remains vibrant. Surely as whistles of distant trains crow. Waters will come. A quarter poured midnight.