Friday, May 11, 2012

Here's a thought...

What is love?

Love is blind, naive and stupid.
Human nature will prevail.

Someone once described it to me this way.
How much shit are you willing to put up with in order to be happy?
What is the acceptable balance?
What are you willing to give up?

But why? Why does it have to be this way? 
Is this true? How can love be a fairytale?
Why is nothing ever good enough?
Why do people stray?

Eye candy is not just eye candy.
There is a reason it's called candy.
Such a sweet and forbidden taste.
You don't want it all the time.
There's no need to bite, just let it tingle on the tongue.

What is love? 
An excuse for forgiveness? A commitment or seal of approval? 
What is the point of saying it? Are you convinced after the millionth time? 
There has to be some honesty to the word.

"Love is free" Lennon said. 
Why then does love become a hybridity of emotions: 
passion, hate, bliss, jealousy, ecstasy, confusion, clarity...
What does this all mean?
Damn the human complexity of love!

Can there be a happy ending?
What happened to my prince in shining armor?
Did he trade his horse in for an Ipad and cyber sex?

Curse the conniving man!
Perverse and jealous of others' good fortune,
Attributor of great ruins.
You may pray on others' misfortunes, but that won't lead you to fulfillment.
You will forever know the meaning of emptiness and solitude.

Seductress of feeble minds, no one will ever love you.
No one will ever care. 

You will surely be forgotten.
Not even your victims will remain.
They will temporary be hampered, but soon the light will shine on them again.
Because happiness is possible and love is real.
And those of us who truly seek it, will one day feel it's warmth.
And no matter what filth the conniving man evokes,
or what empty promises the feeble seductress brings,
love will always prevail. 

It is stronger than human nature; love has no boundaries, knows no limitations.

Yes, love is giving; love is loyal; love is a two-way street.
It's real. Lift your chest and embrace it.