Monday, March 26, 2012

Eight Hundred Forty One Dancing Shadows

Troll thumping in the attic, keep a steady beat.
The man within the shadow sees.
Creaky corner; whickered chair
He’d like to say hello.
Residents come; residents go.
But the man inside the shadow knows.
There’s no need to worry;
He greets the morning sun.
You’ll never be alone.
Grumpy old Rutland;
Land of the rotten;
Oh land of rut.
You are truly special,
Spooks, crooks and all
I never found his story
Just his lingered soul.
So long, farewell decrepit home.

- AS -

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Romancing the tides

Jump into unconsciousness.
Sink past all the lies.
Deep beneath the surface, your demons will subside.

Who needs fresh air when you’re surrounded by bubbles?

Deeper and deeper down
Look up to see no sky.

Leave your courage to the currents.
Feel the water come inside.

Soon, in darkness, you will see the light.

Inhale brave soul; inhale.