Tuesday, October 18, 2011


Meanings, words, feelings
None of them make sense
Am i really so naive? --Foolish to hope in secrecy
Was i the rock that struck your waters? --yes and filled me with affliction
How was i to know my impact?
And now we're just "friends."

Friends, to be friends is not really friendly.
In this day in age, it's an acceptance 
A text here or there
A "How was your day?" and "Hope all is well"
It's surface courtesy
No deeper interpretations.

I want to be friend-friends
Share real love and affection.
I miss the companionship, the phone conversations.
Texts are mire after thoughts
And though you may be busy, there used to be time for me.

If there was a button to time, i'd hit re-do
I'd pace my steps
Research the true you

You must forgive me, I've always been greedy
I knew real love once, unconditionally given by my father.
And so i expect too much
I'll accept nothing less of stars and planets.

I've made mistakes, but i continue learning.
My intentions are good, but fall short of glory.
Don't count me out yet.